Thursday, 10 October 2013

Operation Bakewell- Part 3

Look it's me again third night running! This is only a quick entry just to add to the build up of the grand unveiling of all my hard work on Operation Bakewell's vintage tea room.  I thought I would share with you my entry to the competition, I don't claim to be a good baker so don't expect anything amazing. I simply entered because for a while we thought we might have no entries, luckily most people entered last minute which made up for my attempt at vintage cupcakes.
My main aim with these cupcakes were to make sure they looked pretty enough than hopefully no one would care how they tasted....

 As you can see I used some nice vintage theme wraps, pink and yellow buttercream. Lots of Pink glitter and edible pearls....obviously. They didn't actually taste that bad if I do say so myself!

 I thought I would leave you a picture below of the beautiful cake mix, because everyone knows licking the bowl is the best part. What's salmonella between friends!

Lots of love,
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