Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Operation Bakewell- Part 1

Hi everyone!
I'm so sorry I have been super slack lately with updating the blog, I do have a pretty rad excuse though.   My work recently hosted a baking competition and cake sale with all proceeds going to a local charity, so what does this have to do with anything I hear you ask?
Well I was lucky enough to be asked to take the position of creative director for the day, what was my scope? well to create none other than a vintage tea room to serve and host this competition. So while I should have been updating this blog I was busy immersing myself in all things vintage such as buying ribbon/lace, painting doilies and all and all enjoying the kitchness of it all!  
I started by getting out an old sketch book (one I didn't use at London College of Fashion) and put down some ideas of how I wanted the tea room to look.

There were lots of different ideas and with vintage tea parties in fashion at the moment there were endless ideas and images available to me.  Here are some of my sketch book pages, when I post the pictures of the day you will notice the ideas I used and adapted to our tea room.

For the day I had a limited budget and had to find various ways to cut costs and be a bit creative, lucky for me I love doilies and I found a whole supply of them and decided they could use a bit of colour as they would eventually be used as back drop to posters that school children had made for the day.

My next task was to create category cards to ensure that all entries to the cake competition were in the right area to be judged. I played about with lots of different ideas for my category cards as you can see I started with a different backdrop but decided I didn't like it so I eventually came up with the below formula. Using some vintage material as a backdrop and some old school writing I then backed this onto some pastel card tying it in with the colour scheme. I then used some lace which I bought at a local fabric shop.

Lastly before I sign off and return to you tomorrow to show you some doilie art, here is a poster I designed for the 'Guess the bear' competition.

Lots of love,
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