Tuesday, 22 October 2013

An introduction to my scarf collection

So my little stamp is still waiting for some textile ink, being on an island makes things take a little longer! I did my textile ink order and got the Jacquard brand, colours I went with were violet, pink and white. Apparently by using the white I will be able to get some awesome pastel colours. I also came across this really cool stuff called 'Polyglitter from Stewart Gill' this magical glitteriness can be mixed with all types of medium including fabric paint. The plan is to have some amazing pastel glittery candy skulls all on a beautiful scarf. So fingers crossed my purchases get here for the weekend (As I'm trying to save and this would be a cost effective way to spend the weekend!).

In the meantime I thought I would post some pictures of my new silk scarves I have acquired. I am one of those people that loves to collect random things, one of them being vintage silk scarves...actually scratch that I generally love scarves! I am lucky enough that I have some one that helps me source a lot of my vintage collection, but I must admit if I see a scarf that I love on the high street I'm more than likely to buy it. I will save my beautiful scarf collection and also different ways to wear a scarf (because there a many) to another post.

There is a range of different styles that I'm adding to my collection, the middle one above it's a shame the picture doesn't really do the design justice. It's power blue with raised velvet overlay in a damask style print, it really is a beautiful scarf and nice quality silk has been used.

I especially like both the prints on these designs above as one is bright and vivid, while the other is quirky and I can't resist a bit of houndstooth.

Just to end the post I thought I would share with you my newest outfit! The minute I saw this dungaree playsuit I knew I had to have it, the pattern is as vivid as the pictures look and it fits amazingly. The top I have teamed it with is a beautiful shade of baby blue with added bejewelled detailing (which helps if you don't know which necklace to wear!)

Dungaree playsuit is from Joy coming in at £42 and the top is from Topshop at £38.

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