Thursday, 31 October 2013

LaurenPearl Stamp prints

My fabric paints finally arrived, so no angry email needed fired off to the company it was just me being desperately impatient (which isn't unusual). Hopefully you have seen from my previous post my beautiful candy skull stamp and what my plans were for it. So what better way to celebrate halloween then to make a skull printed scarf?

So as mentioned I picked pink, violet and white (Jacquard) paints as well as some fabric glitter (Stewart Gill) to make the fabric all sparkly and glam. I then added the white to the pink (it did exactly as what normal paint does) and turned the pink  a lovely shade of pastel pink.  This was also the same with the violet which turned a lovely lilac colour and matched beautifully together!

As you can see the stamp worked pretty well, I must admit there was a few times I had gone back to my stamp and carved parts deeper, just to make sure the print would come out right.  After my practise line that I did above, I cut up some of my fabric and attempted to mix both the pink and lilac stamps. I even added some glitter, which was harder to add than I though. If you've ever used glitter you'll know you either get nothing or have far to much of it. I tried lots of different ways to get the glitter to stand out from the paint not and didn't very much luck! When I try my next attempt I will definitely have to research how is the best way to add glitter to the paint so it still shows up.

For my first couple of attempts I'm pretty pleased with the results, each print looks a tiny bit different which I quite like and I think adds to the effect especially as the print is of a skull and I wanted it to look a bit grungy. I was really impressed with the Jacquard fabric paint, it was just as the reviews said. I found it easy to print with, there was no excess running onto the fabric and causing bleeding. It also dried very quickly which is always good when you have taken over your living room floor!
 I'd like to now move on to some better material and get some trim for the edge of the fabric, perhaps pom poms as I like that effect. I also think I need to get some more speedy carve blocks as they were so good to carve with and now I have seen prints really easily.

Until next time my pretties!
Lots of love,
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