Thursday, 18 August 2016

Your Mangled Heart- The Heartbreak Journal

So here we are again and this season has me super inspired, I keep just churning out the pages. I'm glad I picked the theme of heartbreak as a basis for a good song is based on just that!

King- Years & Years
I love this song, it's so upbeat it's only when you read the lyrics you see that there's a darker side to it.

Your Mangled Heart- The Gossip
I am recently revisiting my love for The Gossip, I don't know how I could have ever forgot about such an amazing band!

The Sound- The 1975
What's an entry from me without putting a The 1975 song in the mix. I love the tongue twister lyrics in this song.

Unfinished Symphony- Massive Attack
This is my response to Karen's tall order of making a page in response the Massive Attack's epic song. I went with a space type theme.

Tonight, Tonight- The Smashing Pumpkins
Again another band I'm revisiting due to also revisiting the 90's classic 'My So Called Life' *Sigh* Jordan Catalano! 

Daydreaming- Paramore
The other day some mean boys were making fun of my love for Paramore, but I don't care and would happily admit it to anyone that I love them!!

And that's it for another week.

Lots of love,


  1. Ah yes heartbreaking song have my heart too. Love your space theme massive attack pages.

  2. MY SO-CALLED LIFE = THE BEST THING EVER. Give me that over Gilmore Girls anytime. I love your page Lauren. Great idea to have a theme.

  3. The Gossip!!! Thanks for reminding!

  4. You've found your vibe for this season!