Thursday, 19 September 2013

Timorous Beasties...

Hi all, sorry it's been a while! It was my birthday last week and while I enjoyed the festivities of going to St.Malo, I couldn't squeeze in an entry.  Lots been happening over the past two weeks, as well as turning 26 I made the big decision to move to London! So in January I will be London bound to hopefully seek my fortune in fabric design. 
As far as printing for LaurenPearl goes at the moment I'm thinking through my options of either designing my own stamp or investing in a screen printing kit, although eventually I would like to do some graphic prints from photoshop on silk.

Anyway I will let you know more as I do it...but for this entry we are going to look at the amazing designs of Timorous Beasties!

I hadn't heard of Timorous Beasties until fairly recently when a good friend (lovely Chloe) told me I would love their designs, she was, as always completely correct!

Timorous Beasties started life in Glasgow in 1990's where two designers came together to create unique and contemporary designs. Timorous Beasties are known for their take on Toile, which as you can imagine very much caught my interest as I want to create something similar.

Below are some examples of their amazing designs.

Lots of love,
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

//The 1975//

Hi all, this entry is going to be non-fabric related; in fact I’m going to get all fangirl on you, but once I’ve got it off my chest we will revert to normal.  I went to JerseyLive this weekend, purely for the joy of watching the 1975.  Now the last time I loved a band like this was in 2003, when I was introduced to The Used.

Now I’m a bit older and possibly a tiny bit wiser, although I still love The Used, I have mostly grown out of screamy emo and like something I can dance to and I love love love anything with the nostalgic sounds of the 80s (although I was born towards the end).

Enter the 1975 with their heartbreaking good looks (although this being a welcome extra) and their debut offering Chocolate. I stumbled across this song by accident and it was at a time where I didn’t really know what I wanted out of life and hearing it made me smile and dance. Feeling like this from is a song is all you can ask for. Since then I have been following this band with interest, I managed to see them in Brighton they were amazing. When I heard they had confirmed at JerseyLive come hell or high water I was going to be there on near enough the eve of their self titled albums release.

I was not disappointed, just like the first time I’d seen them they were full of energy and catchy riffs. Even though their slot was early on in the bill, they still played like the festival ground was full.  Yes the audience was mostly full of  16 year old girls and I was probably the oldest but who cares I was happy to go with the flow. This band does make me feel like I’m 16 again and in the coming weeks I will scarily be turning 26 so it was nice to relive those times that were perhaps a bit more simpler and there was no worries about getting your life sorted!

I have indeed bought the album that came out on Monday 2nd, and I would recommend it to anyone. There are lots of different sounds in there from “Settle Down” that echoes the sounds and sentiment of Michael Jackson’s  “Bad”. I could go on and make lots of comparisons, but really this album is original and I think we will be seeing them moving way up the bill at festivals.

Enjoy some of my pictures and go buy the album now!

Fan girl moment over…..

Lots of love,
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