Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Black Edition

It's time for Color Chaos once again! This it's Julia's black journal of death! I especially liked this journal as it was all things black and I could get back to my first love being creepy!
I started with a little bit of grrl power.

Then moved on to animal testing, Julia and I are both into cruelty free brands so this was a perfect addition to the black book.

A little bit of The 1975 and Julia's piece of my lyric project.

Moving on to the spooky stuff, I slightly copied this from Pinterest as I just loved it.

I have been watching the Mighty Boosh again and while I was doing the black book the episode about Vince and Howard becoming goths came on....and when they spoke about Goth Juice hair spray, I thought up my own advertising brand!

A dictionary quote, just because...

Lastly a as Julia is the queen of magazines, I thought she would appreciate this!

If you want to go and see what everyone else's progress you can do here:

I will be heading over to Vanessa's blog to find out what amazingness she has put in the lavender journal!

Lots of love

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Woman whose Life Was Art

Not as many pages this week, it's been a busy one! I'm back at work after my week off and I have been out most evenings- so it's been hard trying to fit some art in.
I went for a grafitti style on this page, especially on the punk page because what's a page without quoting The Ramones? 

Below left I used paper and a beautiful pressed flower from my swap partner Silvia. She sent me an amazing amount of goodies, so you'll see lots more going forward.

lots of love


Friday, 4 March 2016

I Dream of You In Colours That Don't Exist

For my first page this week, I took inspiration from The Mighty Boosh. I also think it's very true and apt advice you can't be unhappy when wearing a poncho. This is me in my poncho being happy in my Candy yum yum lipstick.

The green page, I thought this was quite apt considering yesterday morning- I got a sizeable filing, which left my mouth numb for the rest of the day. Also note while it write it still hurts. I still love sweets and nothing will change that.

The Locals Only comment came from watching one of my favourite films 'Lords of Dogtown'. I come from a place where it is a large scene and this is something you do hear at certain surf spots. So I though pairing the the nice ice cream picture with some that wasn't so nice, made for an interesting juxtaposition.

Playing with those chalk markers again!

One of the prompts this week was to listen to a happy piece of music and put something on paper to the piece of music. I didn't necessarily do this, I listened to the new The 1975's album, which I obviously love. My new favourite song is 'She's American', when I listen to this song I think I probably look like the girl below.

Here's a close up, without the arty filter.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lauren's Lyrics- February round up

February is done! So month 2 of Lauren's Lyrics and I have kept up! This month I had to plan a bit more as February there was a lot of nights out! So in January I mostly chose the lyric on the day I was doing it, February I was more organised and planned what I lyric I wanted to use a week in advance. This new planning technique worked for me as it gave me more time as what I want to have on the page as well as the lyric. I feel the past two months there has been a good variations of genres as well as decades! You might have also noticed on a night I was going to a gig I have used a lyric from that band. So far no themes- but we're only in month 2, 12 more to go.
I'm still enjoying experimenting with backgrounds, as you can see this month was the first that my book ventured out with me. I also had my first big oopsy, where I forgot a word- see Madonna's 'Express yourself' I like the page so I decided not the re do it and instead just randomly add the missing word.


Hope you're enjoying following along.

Lots of love,