Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The Black Edition

It's time for Color Chaos once again! This it's Julia's black journal of death! I especially liked this journal as it was all things black and I could get back to my first love being creepy!
I started with a little bit of grrl power.

Then moved on to animal testing, Julia and I are both into cruelty free brands so this was a perfect addition to the black book.

A little bit of The 1975 and Julia's piece of my lyric project.

Moving on to the spooky stuff, I slightly copied this from Pinterest as I just loved it.

I have been watching the Mighty Boosh again and while I was doing the black book the episode about Vince and Howard becoming goths came on....and when they spoke about Goth Juice hair spray, I thought up my own advertising brand!

A dictionary quote, just because...

Lastly a as Julia is the queen of magazines, I thought she would appreciate this!

If you want to go and see what everyone else's progress you can do here:

I will be heading over to Vanessa's blog to find out what amazingness she has put in the lavender journal!

Lots of love


  1. I love them all! Thank you! I'm so excited to get this back :D

  2. You certainly did black justice as I knew you would! Amazing pages!