Thursday, 24 September 2015

Here in the forest. Dark and Deep. I offer you eternal sleep.

The Season of words is upon us and with this season our first task is to find a book to record this alright season in.  From this if we so choose we can alter it to suit whatever style for this season- I am going off slightly and doing my own thing with the season of words and theming it around the dead and all things spooky. 
When the lovely Julia  (check out her blog here: came to stay we went book hunting and stumbled across an amazing second hand book shop in Chiswick which we were in our element looking at old books. I managed to find an amazing looking on called 'Newes from the Dead' which had a skull on the spine. You may have guessed I'm all about the skulls, so Julia came up with the awesome idea to keep my book in with the dead thing- and because I'm a bit dark I thought it was an amazing idea. 

I have decided I don't want to alter my book in anyway, as I go and start doing things with the pages I'm will be painting and gluing all sorts to them, but the way the book actually looked I didn't want to change as it's perfect for what I want this season.

In line with my promise to make more of an effort with my blog and the way I post things, I've had a go at trying to stage some photos. As you can see a far cry from what you get from most people, but I decided I wanted a filter on these pictures to make them look a bit old and creepy, so you can expect that all the way through this season.

I'm really excited about this season and can't wait to see what I come up with as well as my fellow Get Messians!

Remember if you want to get in on the action you can go join up at :Get Messy, it's super fun and everyone is so supportive!

I'm off to go pin things to do with death ( I'm a peach I know!)


Friday, 18 September 2015

Make over!

Hiya, as you may have noticed I'm having a bit of a makeover. I thought the blog was starting to look a bit tired, I had a zillion (actual number) font types and it was time to give it a new look. I did a bit of reading on my favourite Pinterest and pinned some information about blogging and how to make a success of it.
If you're interested in looking at what I pinned when thinking about how to improve my blog, here is the link to my board:

Blog Revamp

Lately, I have used this blog as a bit of an after thought and not really planned much to say but instead just posted some of my Get Messy work and let that be that! So going forward there is going to be a bit more content and also more thoughtful writing. More pages are going to appear as I want to share a bit more and really use this place not just for my art journal but for all manner of my project! As I have lots of projects on the go and it's time to start sharing and start writing a bit more.
So as I say watch out for some new pages (and some type of order!). Also let me know what you think. I made the banner myself and although it doesn't look like much it took me a long time!
Lauren xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The last drop of Serenity

Our final week has been around the swap we did a couple of weeks ago, sorry I'm late posting this, but if you follow my instagram you know this was posted for Get Messy Thursday, I just didn't have time to upload to here.
So below is my goods from the lovely Elizabeth

Below is my first page I did using some of the goodies, I will be honest I'm still working on a few pages but wanted to post my first finished one. I used lyrics from a Years and Years song that I keep listening to called 'Eyes Shut'.

Lastly nothing to do with Serenity, but I just liked this quote from Ginger Rodgers.

Lots of love,
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