Friday, 4 March 2016

I Dream of You In Colours That Don't Exist

For my first page this week, I took inspiration from The Mighty Boosh. I also think it's very true and apt advice you can't be unhappy when wearing a poncho. This is me in my poncho being happy in my Candy yum yum lipstick.

The green page, I thought this was quite apt considering yesterday morning- I got a sizeable filing, which left my mouth numb for the rest of the day. Also note while it write it still hurts. I still love sweets and nothing will change that.

The Locals Only comment came from watching one of my favourite films 'Lords of Dogtown'. I come from a place where it is a large scene and this is something you do hear at certain surf spots. So I though pairing the the nice ice cream picture with some that wasn't so nice, made for an interesting juxtaposition.

Playing with those chalk markers again!

One of the prompts this week was to listen to a happy piece of music and put something on paper to the piece of music. I didn't necessarily do this, I listened to the new The 1975's album, which I obviously love. My new favourite song is 'She's American', when I listen to this song I think I probably look like the girl below.

Here's a close up, without the arty filter.

Lots of love,


  1. Enjoying your pages Lauren, so much fun on these pages!

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