Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Woodland Zine

I can finally let the secret out- we zinned one the head ziners. I was so excited to be asked to be a part of making the lovely Julia (Jules +Tea) a woodland zine!! Myself along with Katie, Vanessa and Torrie got our superpowers together to collaborate on this lovely zine.
I speak to Julia quite a lot and something like this was completely eating away at me- especially when she asked me to take part in another top secret project.
This little blog started life with Katie who build this lovely little Zine, I was the last in the pit stops. I must admit seeing this nearly complete zine I was a bit intimidated- what if I ruined it? 

I highjacked the page to the left, Katie covered it in some nice paper and washi tape- as I recently acquired some bear like tape I had to add it and then thought this quote from 'Where the wild things are" was a perfect fit for the beginning.

This is mine on the right- random I know. I want my hat back is a children's book that has been recently made in to a show in London, where the bear is search through the forest for his missing hat. I have had this leaflet for a while and wasn't really sure what to do with it, until the woodland zine came along!

The left is mine, I used tissue paper from Tiger as a background and decided to use this quote from 'Fantastic Mr Fox' by Roald Dahl. At first I couldn't get my handwriting to show up on this paper, so I opted to sit and cut out letters from a ton of magazines. To complete a nice little wooden fox

This double spread is all about the woods- remember the cartoon 'The animals of Farthing Wood'? I kept thinking about this as I drew. A little bit of everything on this page marbled paper, some stamps, a few markers and some foam animals- because why not.

The hipster fox is by far my favourite page I created, I couldn't not include it to Julia who's spirit animal is clearly a fox. I used some branch paper background and use lyrics from Foals 'Out of the Woods' to complete.

Loved being part of the zine crew and hope I'm asked again to contribute <3.

Go check out these amazing arty ladies now:

Lots of love,



  1. The animals of Farthing Wood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a roller-coaster that show was. The "I want my hat back" is one of my favourite pages, I'm so happy it was made by you <3 I think I guessed the rest of yours - mainly from your handwriting.I love my little zine so much <3

  2. I love your hipster fox page so much. :) :) Oh and I love how you added to the inside cover- that quote is fabulous!