Saturday, 19 December 2015

For a spell that can't be broken, one drop should be enough

My inspiration is back for all things dark! After discuss with a few others who wanted to come over to the darkish, we decided our themes this week would revolved around The Labyrinth, voodoo and Anne Rice (vampire prairie for those not into Anne Rice). I know we're a cheerful bunch.

First up my Anne Rice page- the quote taken from Interview with a vampire. This page was the 100th in my altered book, so lets all take a minute to celebrate that I have managed to get 100 pages out of being all dark and twisty. The other page is my voodoo using poetry from Tim Burton's 'Voodoo Girl' If you haven't read any of Tim Burton's poetry admired his illustrations then you have to get over to pinterest...well after you have read my blog post.

Next up is my double page to The Labyrinth and as you can see the tin foil has made another appearance. 

I did show this page last week- there is a reason I am doing so again and it's to show you in some kind of order how I made my first digital collage. I want you to focus on the right page with the Sia lyrics.

This unintensionally became my background for my digital piece. It just so happened I had been playing around with some different filters on an app and this cool kaleidoscope effect that looks a bit like a scarf pattern.

Ta-dah! Here is the finished product- I have gone for a witchy theme, using a poem about the Salem witch trials.

Lets hope it's the beginning of many more digital collages.

Lots of love,


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