Tuesday, 14 April 2015


On to the next set of prompts which revolve around Bravery, this is my take so far..
My tribal lady- I have got quite into Sharpie pens on glossy magazines it's just so smooth to draw with.

A lot of my art journal pieces have quotes, song lyrics and on the whole are a bit wordy- this time I wanted to try and let the images speak for themselves.

I have also started two other projects- The 100 day project which you can follow on my instagram address is: LaurenPearl121, the hashtag I'm using is #100daysoftunesandgladrags. I have decided to mix my love of fashion and music, so you get to see my outfit choices (thank god I get to wear what I like to work!) and also what song I've listened to that day. Please check out the bands I mention they are awesome..obviously!
The second project I have started is one of my own and off the aback of Get Messy and feeling creative and inspired. Fashion through the ages, as you can guess one of my biggest interest is fashion- so I have decided to do a bit of research and draw the fashion of the time. So look out for some of my posts showing off my fashion drawings.
Lots of love
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