Thursday, 26 March 2015

Get Messy Art Journal Blog Hop

It's the end of the first season 'The Season of love' at Get Messy. If you haven't joined up then get over there! As you will see this post is to do with a blog hop, which I must admit I'd never heard of before. After understanding what a Blog Hop was, I thought it was a great idea and signed right up. 
Below is my favourites from this season, Get Messy has allowed me to expand my creativity and I feel the inspiration literally pouring out my ear! As this was the case I managed to create some other journal pages that didn't necessary tie in with the prompts but other ideas I had floating around at the back of my head.
Here is my favourite love prompts

Here is my favourite creations that weren't from the prompts

As you can see I get very inspired by music and quotes that take my fancy....Pinterest anyone?

You will find below links to the lovely ladies I found myself in a group with for the Blog Hop. I went to each of their blogs and wrote what I liked about each one. Once I had finished I found that I had pretty much written similar things for each one. So what I have to say goes for every single blog linked below. All are amazingly pretty (I'm going to have to step up my blog game!) inspiring and so creative. It was great to step into each lady's world and in some way get to know her through her creations. So I urge you all to visit the below blogs and go and tell the creator's how awesome they are.


Lots of love,
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  1. Beautiful pages. Beautiful quotes.

  2. Really beautiful pages. I'm in love with your lettering <3

  3. Fun pages! I really loved the not a robot page. I feel like am at work a lot, and it just spoke to me.

  4. Thanks ladies, appreciate the love!

  5. Love the beautiful disaster, the energy that comes from how you wrote the words. Love it.