Sunday, 26 April 2015

She who is brave, is free

I'll be the first one to admit that I have found this season of the brave really difficult, I'm not really sure why I have struggled with this one. Anyway it's only last couple of days that I've started to feel a bit more inspired around the bravery subject.
Below is what I have come up with so far,
Even when I was making my zine, I had no idea what I was going to put in it or what message I was trying to get across...I finally decided to think about the reasons why I was brave. 

Below is my is my answer to this week's prompt what am I afraid of in a style that I'm not so comfortable with. I love pages that are cluttered and colourful, so I decided to do the complete opposite. I also love big lettering and bold typeface- so I went with something more simple and listed my fears, some silly and also some more serious.

Below was another style I was trying out, I have seen lots of cool art journals with lots of cool layering. I don't think I still quite have the knack, as it does look thrown together. I'll have another go maybe with more of an aim in mind.

 Also stay tuned for my new project, I'll be posting my first set of illustrations shortly.
Lots of love,
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  1. I love your pages and TO WEAR WHAT I LIKE idea !! And to be different !

  2. The last page, with the pink.. <3 <3 !!!