Saturday, 20 February 2016

Take Pleasure in the Rich, Random Patterns in your Life

I have so not kept up with the old Thursday habit!! At least it changed to within the week which is on my side for this season!

So this weeks prompts I went pretty literal and as it spoke of patterns I mostly filled my journal with patterns...even better 80's inspired patterns.

Get ready for some poptastic/ jazzy patterns

The above is my take on graffiti - I really liked this pattern and I must admit I feel I have slightly ruined it when I added the lettering. Never mind you win some you lose some and graffiti isn't supposed be perfect.

This week was a bit of a different step for me as I normally include some type of wording, as you can see on the left I couldn't help myself.

Also just to note, the background is my crochet blanket I'm working on- 10 more squares to go and it's done!

lots of love

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