Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Creepy Valley- My Zine!

Yes! I got zined and it's so beautiful! It's all creepy, dark and twisted and when I received it, it got me in the feelings. Ever since I got involved with helping to make zines for Torrie and Julia, I really wanted one as they're so amazing. The theme used for me was all things creepy....naturally!
So obviously to take pictures of this creepily fantastic zine, I went to the graveyard because I'm weird like that.
My zine was made by the usual Zine masters, Katie, Vanessa and Julia, they also got Essie on board. All their artwork together is so great and compliments each other perfectly- Can you tell that I completely love it and I quote my text to Julia "I love it so much, I want to marry it."


I almost forgot about this little surprise!

I think you'll agree this zine is creeptastic and I just love all the quotes that were used.

I have linked the lovely ladies blogs above, go show them some love and see exactly which pages they did.
Lots of love