Thursday, 8 October 2015

My whole life is a dark room. One. Big. Dark. Room

I love love love this season, I have been so productive and ideas keep pouring out of me for the creepy/dead theme. It probably says more about me than it does anything else.
Not much chit chat this week I have lots to show.

Tried lots of different things this week, as you can see I kept myself busy. After Karen's amazing tutorial last week on handwriting, I have tried to perfect my own.

Can you recognise any of the quotes/ song lyrics I've used?

Stay spooky,


  1. oh so good. We are kindred spirits. Love all of these...and I guess it was aluminum paper, or foil, or whatever! Anyway, these are really really awesome.

  2. It's so great to see how much you are getting into this season! You are so going to fill a book, love it. I can only get the Talking Heads lyrics .