Thursday, 15 October 2015

Black as Midnight, Black as Pitch, Blacker than the foulest Witch

STILL LOVING THIS SEASON!!!! I definitely must be a dark person as I'm loving doing all this creepy stuff and have been flying through the pages once again!

Below I have a mix of all things scary, this week was geared more towards childhood stories and memories- at first I thought where am I going to start I didn't have a dark childhood at all!

So a childhood story I used was one my Dad made up to tell me and my brother. Where we lived when we were younger was pretty an estate but there was one house that was guarded by gates and you never saw anyone coming in or out. So my dad made up this character called Gudjee Borland who lived there, I don't think it had it's intended results as me and my brother would add to it with things like he would sleep on a bed of nails and eat his boogies (I know! but we were like 6 and 7!).

I also looked at some nursery rhymes that have the reputation of being dark and also for childhood stories I was told decided to take the Disney twist and use the original Grimm versions, which as you may know are VERY dark. I only have one page for snow white- I'm working on some others but wanted to meet the Get Messy Thursday deadline!

I will be sad with this season ends.

Lots of love,

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  1. Your image splicing is perfection. this season will never end - it's in your soul! *evil witch cackle*