Thursday, 13 August 2015

You create your own calm

These Thursdays sure fly by! So this week the first prompt was to think of a mission statement based on a shakespeare quote. So this got me thinking what is my mission statement to the world? I had lots of ideas around clothes, fashion and music but it all came back to the below quote. This quote is something that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. "No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep" is one of the best quotes I've heard and I can relate to it so much. I am constantly fighting an internal battle with myself to stay out and party or go to bed? Both things I love doing- my favourite hobby is sleepy after all. So when I'm asked to go out on a work night knowing full well I have to be up early the next morning and that it will be hard with a hangover I remember this simple quote and think what the hell! Lucky I work in broadcast anyway where no one tends to notice/care if i'm hungover.

For the art part of my page I decided to try something a bit different- normally all my quotes and art tie in together but with this page I decided to do two completely different things that don't really relate.

As you can see I went for a lilac theme this week! Below is me and lots of thoughts that stop me sometimes reaching my serenity. For this prompt I did my research for a technique that someone else in the community used. I used Sabine's washi tape tutorial or inspiration (I couldn't find her blog to link her in, so if anyone reading knows it, please let me know.) Sabine's tutorial was around how to make lettering from washi tape- I was all set to try this when one of her pictures gave me an idea. It was one were she had lots of washi tape layered on one and other, I decided that rather than cut letters in I would paint over it and then remove the washi to create white lines.


Managed to catch up with Make you mark August so if you haven't seen my tireless posting on instagram here are my doodles.

7. Curves

                                                                        8. Warm

                                                                    9. Crazy lines          

10. Black and White

11. Arrows

12. Pastels 

                                                                  13. Floral

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  1. I think you're palm print and that quote fit together! Also, love that quote, sleeping is my favourite pastime too ;) You're killing make your mark! Floral and Crazy Lines are great <3