Thursday, 27 August 2015

Serenity = Home

So this week the prompts for me were actually pretty easy- especially thinking about my parts of the day that were serene as I spent most of this week at home in little Jersey. Now that I don't live in Jersey and I work and live in London when I go back to my little island it's lovely serene, quiet and a real chance for me to recharge my batteries.
So my real moments of serenity this week were enjoying island life and taking little Pearl for a walk through the country lanes and seeing views like I used for the back drop of my page. I also had a go at paper rolling as also included in the prompt which has given a nice effect to the page. I would like to cover a little more but I ran out of time between coming back to London, catching up at work and posting for this momentous Get Messy Thursday occasion.

For the next prompt I had to choose someone who was serene, I was going to opt for my Dad as he's so laid back! Instead I cheated bit and chose Pearl, although my little terrier is not the most serene dog at times, I'm not sure how you couldn't look at the below picture and not see how peaceful this dog is! The most important reason I chose Pearl was because she makes me feel serene when I'm with her. It's true what they say about stress relief from patting a dog because it's so true.

My next instalment of Make your mark August, which I am so enjoying!! I am also trying to get creative with the prompts and not do something that is obvious. I am also thinking about going the 30 Lists for September...if anyone reading this is part of that group, please let me know what you think.

                                                                       21. Circles

22. Fruity

23. Fifty shades of....

                                                                 24. Shapes

25. Colour Clash

                                                                 26. Starburst

I know I do owe you a 27, but I haven't done it yet- so come see it on instagram in the next hour or wait until next week to see it.

Lots of love,

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