Thursday, 17 October 2013

Speedball - Speedy carve stamp making Kit

Hi all, hasn't this felt like the longest week ever! I'm not sure why but it has seemed to drag! Anyway as I told you before I made a few Amazon purchases, the 'Making an Impression' book (which I will tell you about at some point) and the Speedball Speedy-Carve stamp making starter kit.
From the moment I opened the speedball kit to find the speedball speedy-carve block (which is like a giant pink eraser) I knew I wanted to get started on getting my stamp made. Apart from it being the most delicious colour of pink it also felt smooth and easier enough to carve into.
I decided that as most of my designs involve skulls someway I was going to design a candy skull stamp...yes I can hear you say that's ambitious for your first attempt. I know you're right but why not be a bit ambitious?  I started by drawing the skull outline on the tracing paper that was provided, the trick was to press the tracing paper to the speedy-carve block and it should transfer. I must mention I did use a 2B pencil as I knew this would more than likely transfer.
The transfer worked successfully, so then it was time to start carving. The pack came with a blade number 2 and 4 which were both good sizes for carving the block. This block was definitely easier to carve than the usual lino, it was also softer which feels better on the wrist when holding the cutter.

Although I didn't necessarily need to carve away the outside, I felt it was good practise and would help me get into the rhythm. This way helped and allowed me time to practise on how deep to cut and also how freely I could move the cutter to get my desired shape. 

Next step was to draw inside the skull to press onto the block, as my drawing was quite detailed it didn't transfer as easily as I wanted. Using the basic outline it had transferred I repeated my drawing making sure to use my 2B pencil. Once this was done it was time to get cutting, I was happy with my design so I really didn't want to ruin the block now by not being able to achieve the above detailing.

All and all I am pretty happy with the way my stamp has come out, for a first time go I think it looks quite good. Although the real proof of this will be when I actually print to see what actually comes out on the fabric. I have now cut out the skull and used the excess rubber as holder glued to the back on the stamp.  My next step which will obviously be to get some textile ink and actually get printing. I've heard that Jacquard textile inks are the ones to get so tomorrow I plan on buying pink, violet and white to make them pastel and possibly something glittery because that's the type of girl I am!
I would definitely get more of the Speedy-Carve blocks and would recommend it to any first time stamp maker.
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