Saturday, 26 October 2013

Magenta dip dye?...why not!

Hi! not a textile related post, but I thought I would share my new hair with you. I am a bleach and dye addict, I absolutely love the pastel fashion especially baby pink and lilac. At some point I must dig out all my hair pictures and make a photo diary of them all, as this year alone I must be in double figures.

Yesterday I ventured to the hairdressers expecting just to get my roots redone and leave the shade a ash/grey blonde as with my big move to London it's time for sensible hair for job interviews.

As usual while sitting in that chair I got lured to the different shades and opted for a nice bright magenta, not even in my usual pastel...and how about a dip dye? With my hair I'm mostly up for anything and the results were amazing and I completely love my new dip dyed tresses!

P.S Still waiting for my fabric inks and getting very impatient!

Lots of love,
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