Saturday, 27 February 2016

Do Not Read Beauty Magazines, They Will Only Make You Feel Ugly

Hello! So this weeks it was all about my inner inside out characters, which is you know me- know that disgust definitely sits in the driver seat in my brain. After watching that film, I realised I identified with character way too much!

I decided to put my emotions into some different sub cultures almost and added a few extra!

I see the character joy in my brain as some type of pop princess/ Katy Perry creature.

I added love as an emotion and decided that she would be simple and obviously red. Anger in my brain is a punk rock bad ass.

Sadness is an me/grunge kid and fear is the ultimate goth kid

Disgust is a fashionista with a love for all things high fashion and I added creativity and obviously she is a hipster.

This is the lyric I used from the 'Wear sunscreen' song- there is so many good lines in this one but above is the one that stood out to me the most.

Lots of love,

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