Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lauren's Lyrics- February round up

February is done! So month 2 of Lauren's Lyrics and I have kept up! This month I had to plan a bit more as February there was a lot of nights out! So in January I mostly chose the lyric on the day I was doing it, February I was more organised and planned what I lyric I wanted to use a week in advance. This new planning technique worked for me as it gave me more time as what I want to have on the page as well as the lyric. I feel the past two months there has been a good variations of genres as well as decades! You might have also noticed on a night I was going to a gig I have used a lyric from that band. So far no themes- but we're only in month 2, 12 more to go.
I'm still enjoying experimenting with backgrounds, as you can see this month was the first that my book ventured out with me. I also had my first big oopsy, where I forgot a word- see Madonna's 'Express yourself' I like the page so I decided not the re do it and instead just randomly add the missing word.


Hope you're enjoying following along.

Lots of love,


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