Monday, 2 March 2015

Love letter to myself...

Hi all, sorry for the lateness, I was living it up in Manchester. So in light of this I have only half finished my prompts. I am still part way through a love note to a stranger, just need to take a little pic of it.

So the below is the love letter to myself, I wasn't quite sure what to do as it's weird trying to write to yourself and as you may know us brit's aren't the best at selling ourselves! I decided to compliment myself on something I do really like about hair! I recently just got it done an amazing colour of grey with dusty pink ombre ends, so it's fair to say I am pretty taken with it. 

Myself and one of my bestie's promised each other we would make each other Christmas presents, I can finally show off what I made as I gave it to her for her birthday....!!! Below I present to you a very special KISS cushion!

Enjoy your week lovelies!
Lots of love,
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