Sunday, 22 March 2015

Bit behind!

I seemed to have gotten myself a bit behind with my Get Messy prompts, so in a bid  to get myself up to date, I spent this quiet Sunday afternoon getting letting my creative juices flow. This is the last set of prompts for the season of love and I have seen some amazing pieces of work as well as experimenting and coming up with my own masterpieces.
Up first is my love letter to a stranger...I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it, still trying to work out my polaroid film situation. If anyone knows where to get film without paying an arm and a leg please let me know!

Next up is my idea of a world devoid of love...We would all be robots!

Lastly, this is my answer to this last weeks prompt, which was technically to write a dating advert for yourself. I decided to put a different spin on this instead making an advert for the man I'm looking for. Here's a sneak peek below, as some of the things I have put on here are private things to me, here are little cuts to give you the general idea.

I have something cool coming up on Thursday so please come back and see me.

Lots of love,
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