Thursday, 12 May 2016

Messy Lists- Week 6

Looks who's organised this week! I am soon glad it's the last week of lists as I have said in every single post, it has not been my thing at all. I also want to apologise for not checking out anyone else's blog this season- I am studying for a big exam and having trouble fitting everything in. So if you have checked out my progress on the season, I'm sorry that I haven't shown you any love I will next season.

1. This season makes me....
Well you can always count on me to be honest!

2. My one lucky day

3. I am Inspired by

4. I am made up of

5. I give myself permission to....

6. Currently watching

Pretty random I know. I have a few more in progress as I couldn't let this season beat me! So they will be posted when I finish them.

Lots of love,


  1. Love your honesty and getting to know a bit more about you via your lists. Especially the What I am made up of and Permission to be ... Me ! So good. All the best for your exam and see you next season.

  2. I appreciate your honesth. Personally I love your pages for "made up of" !!

  3. your style shines through all of your pages. I'm inspired by a lot of the same things as you!

  4. Even though you hated it, you did it every week! And whilst being under crazy exam stress, YEY Lauren! <3 <3