Sunday, 24 April 2016

Lists - Week 3

I'll keep this short and sweet, because yet again I am rushing to post on a Sunday night! I am still struggling with this season- but it's getting better, I think maybe I was taking the lists thing very literal and although there is still lists below, I haven't tried to force myself to answer something if I don't actually have an answer.

1. Call Me
Below is a mixture of terms of endearment I am called by various people and also how I want to be described by someone. 

2. Things that are Magic

So for some reason I decided to write 'at' instead of 'are' I had already uploaded my photos by the time I realised. Anyway, I enjoyed this spread back to my spooky roots. 

3. I Want to Try...
This is a mixture of random things, hello drag queen make up(!) and also random things that I have wanted to give a go and haven't yet got around to it.

4. Right Now
This is detailed account of my life as at this list

Lots of love,

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