Sunday, 22 November 2015

All Magic comes with a price

Wow here we are with another season and it's Magic! which means I can still be creepy and still use my altered book! Below is the start I have made to Magic:

As you can see I have opted for the dark side of magic...and with magic comes a new theme when it comes to photographing my journal so look out for some acid trip colours.

Below is the last of my spooky words inspired art which I hadn't got around to posting (check out my cool Gremlins blouse in the background) .

Lastly, if you followed my blog from the beginning you may remember the material I made below at the London Fashion School. I completely forgot about it and dug it out the other day and thought it tied in nicely to the creepy theme.

Lots of love,

Laurenpearl xx


  1. London Fashion School ? What? I will need to seek out that post. Great that you can continue on in your altered book Lauren!

  2. Yes to the continued creepiness!