Thursday, 25 June 2015

Say yes to new adventures....

And here we are again for another adventurous Get Messy Thursday, they seem to whiz on around right?

First off- what's the most exotic things I've ever done. This was easy, this definitely the time I spent in Hong Kong having lots of Asian adventures and also interning for a handbag making company....Chinese factories are eye opening!!!

Next is my answer to the wanderlust prompt, I don't really poetry so I found a nice quote to use. I really didn't know what to do with this page and found myself and my beloved sharpies swirling!

My last piece of work this week was something off prompt, last week I went to see a band I have loved since I was 16- Incubus. So I decided to dedicate a page to them using one of their lyrics.

Well until next time folks!

Lots of love 
Laurenpearl xxx

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