Friday, 20 February 2015

Season of love part two

This week my art isn't so depressing you'll all be pleased to know and also no real long winded stories behind it either!

Below is my take on I love things, inside Lauren is all the things and people I love...things included on here range from loving pancakes, sunglasses, flea markets, Empire Records, Blondie, rainy days and chocolate fondue. Bit of a mixed bag, but sums me up I think perfectly.

Next was my take on adding an EE Cumings poem to my work, I think out of all the poems I chose shall we say the most 'lustiest' and I was to think of the emotions from the poem and I basically came up with...I want you. Simple, yet effective.

Bit of a closer shot, if you can make out the words to the poem. While making this prompt I was listening to The 1975...lets be honest I do that a lot though! The song 'Sex' came on and the lyrics I think fit really well with the emotions and passion I think the poem is trying to reach. So hopefully passion and lust for someone has come out in my art. Go check out 'Sex' by The 1975 or even the lyrics!

Until next week,

lots of love,

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