Thursday, 15 January 2015

Welcome back to me!!!

First off I need to start with a huge apology!!! It's been nearly a year, it's hard to believe since I last posted. I'd been so dedicated when I first excuse is my big move. So previous entries you might have heard all about my move to the big city...which yes was a little daunting being a lil' islander. It might be no surprise there is lots and lots to in England capital, lots more than Jersey. So most of my time has been taken up with exploring London and getting the chance to do lots of cool things!
I have been to more gigs than I can count, lots of exhibitions (which I should have used as an opportunity to post), and had a go at all round quirky events that I wouldn't have had a chance to perhaps do in the past.
2015 all things are due to change, I promise to you my readers (all 2 of you!) I will start with my weekly posts again. In line with one of my new years resolution to be more creative I shall be posting what I create on here. I am currently undertaking a #30dayphotographychallenge for Instagram, so please come on over and check out my piccies. I have also started an art journal in a bid to let my inspiration flow...or something like that! I am currently looking at different groups where you get a theme in a bid to test myself around how creative I can be around one subject.
Below is my photography challenge, today is day thirteen come have a look at what I've chosen at LaurenPearl Instagram
Also is my first page in my art journal...don't worry they'll get better.

Lots of love,
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