Thursday, 5 November 2015

Throw back Thursday

Lovely Julia suggest that we use our break in between season to post some of favourite pages.
As I still quite new to the world of art journaling it's interesting to look at what my pages started like and how they have evolved. So while some the below are my favourites I thought it was interesting to look at my style and see how it's evolved. 

Going forward I think I need to photograph some of my pages better- I go for the art approach (can't help it) when I think I just need to take a straight forward picture so the page can be seen clearly....goals for next season!

Lots of love,

Lauren xx


  1. These are awesome, I love seeing your style change and evolve, yet still *you*. :)

  2. Lauren it's so lovely to see your pages. I love seeing someone's art grow over time. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a great throwback, can you believe how much you've made in such a short amount of time?! You're getting better and better each season :D