Thursday, 6 August 2015

And then there was calm...

And here we are again for another Get Messy Thursday, they come around quick!! So I'll crack on as there's lots to share today.
So first off What's my Serenity? I had lots of ideas for this and lots of aspects I wanted to include and I was overwhelming myself as bit trying to incorporate all these different things, so what did I turn to while I thought through my serenity....a cup of tea. That's when I thought why am I over complicating this when the answer is simple.

You can see the below very well but it is an excerpt from the dictionary with the entry for serenity. I wasn't sure where I was going with this page and once I did it had a play with some filters and I actually like it a lot more with this negative filter added.

Make your mark August

This August I've also decided to take part in the Make you mark August doodle prompts- I did try in June but only managed to draw an ice lolly, this month I will commit. I have managed to catch up and below is a round up of days one to six. If you fancy a doodle please follow along it's actually very fun!

1. Broken Lines

2. Lavender

3. Watermelon

4. Lyrics

5. Polka dots

7. Happiness is...

Along with my Get Messy Thursday contributions I will do a round up of my Make your Mark August doodles.

                                                                     Lots of love,

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  1. I love your dictionary page! And i'm following makeyourmarkaug , I find it very relaxing to doodling every day and not having to think what about :)