Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lets have an Adventure...

It's time for a new season! waving goodbye to brave and stepping in to Adventure, I have committed to posting my work every Thursday after Monday's prompts- so expect to see lots more posts!

Here is what I have been working on for the beginning of Adventure

The picture below doesn't quite do the page justice and I don't mean that in a big headed way, it's just that the layer on the top is this lovely mermaid paper and changes colour which ever way you look at it, which doesn't quite come across on paper!

Below I decided to do Coney Island in New York as somewhere I'd like to adventure- below is a little bit different to what I usually do...trying to put my drawing skills to use. As before you can't actually see but this page is coated in PVA glue, just so it has a cool shine on it.

There is also little comments dotted around, to try and capture what your 5 senses would be feeling when visiting Coney Island.

Random and not anything to do with adventure- but this my make your mark June answer to favourite popsicle.

See you next week.

lots of love
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  1. you're so good at drawing! Draw more! (please) :) Do you have access to a scanner? it might help show off all the layers you create better than a photograph :)

    1. Thanks Julia- and off I go to work with my sketchbook under my arm to scan my pages! x