Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Get Messy!!

Off the back of my bid to take on the world of Art Journaling, I have joined a super duper group called 'Get Messy' go visit the website and sign up! Get Messy Journal
Each week I will receive an art prompt to have a go at, I like the idea of getting prompts and then having the challenge to be creative within the boundaries.
Challenge #1
Journal prompt: Choose a song that represents how you feel right now. Pair the lyrics with a photo of yourself portraying the emotion.
Art Prompt: Script out the lyrics to create your background using a font or special handwriting you created.
From this I created this:

Also in line with joining Get Messy, members got a print out to decorate and here's mine

Bit of a word theme this week, but I do enjoy bit of typography!
Lots of love,
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