Monday, 2 December 2013

LaurenPearl fabric...Step 1

So I finally got around to dying my fabric yay! 
I bought two different colours, deciding to use the china blue (I also bought pink!) For some reason the dye I bought was to be used for dying in the sink and not the washing machine. I've never dyed fabric like this before but what hell, why not give it a go!

So while nobody was in the kitchen I got right to dying my white cotton blue. First things first dissolving the blue dye in some warm water. I must admit at this stage the dye was looking very blue and I did wonder how it would come out on the fabric. Once this was dissolved it was time to fill up the sink and dissolve the fabric salt...I did wonder if this was normal salt but didn't want to try it and find out, just incase I ended up poisoned or something.

Once in the sink the instructions said to keep stirring the fabric for 15 minutes, to which I did while reading my kindle (if you haven't read the I Heart series by Lindsey Kelk I urge you to do so!) Finally after 15 minutes of solid stirring, it was time to leave the fabric for 45 minutes stirring occasionally. This is when my disaster hit, I left the fabric for about 10 minutes upon returning to my horror the plug has come out and all my lovely dye mix had gone.

Nevermind, like the trooper I am I carried on by washing and drying the fabric hoping that the dye had taken. Below is the finished result, the picture is pretty rubbish and the fabric still looks white. I promise you it has come up a lovely pale blue that I will be able to print over.

I can't promise I will get printing this week but as tis the season to be jolly and I have lots of Christmas parties to go to, but you never know it might be here by the weekend!
Lots of love,
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