Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Personalised Gifts...

I'm still working on my fabric situation and with the move to London happening very soon, my cash flow is mostly being put in to a nice savings account that sees I don't become homeless!
So while I await more funds to buy fabric and also finish the fabric I have, I thought I would share with you something I recently found that I love.

This funky personalised phone cover is from which is a really cool online shop that have lots of different sellers selling cool and quirky products. I suppose it's a bit more of an upmarket Etsy. The company that make this is Pickle Pie gifts, and they also have lots of other really amazing personalised gifts.
This phone cover caught my eye as I'm really into personalised belongings at the moment. Whether it be chains that have your name printed (like Carrie's), cushions with a photo of your choice (I do have a Pearl cushion!). What I really like about this personalised product is you can enter little snippets about yourself or the person your buying the gift for.
I will definitely be putting this or the personalised print on my Christmas list, before I do so I did get thinking about what 16 things I love and what I would include on this? At first I struggled as for some reason when someone puts me on the spot about my favourite things my mind seems to go blank and I can't remember a thing! As I am moving to London, I will be looking for a new job and I must admit I did struggle thinking about what my duties are in my job at the moment...not because I don't do anything, quite the opposite I'm always really busy I just seem to be so indecisive I can't quite remember what doing?
So anyway I have decided on my 16 loves, I have probably missed out lots of important ones but nevermind this is the list as of today!!
**Lauren Loves**

Her scruffy border terrier Pearl
New York City
Candy Skulls
Music with guitars
Vintage dresses
Colourful filters on photographs
Mulberry Handbags
A surreal sense of humour
Pastel coloured hair and quirky spectacles
The Wizard of OZ
Brightly Coloured fabric patterns
Dressing like an old lady
Haribo Sweets and Earl Grey Tea
Doilies and lace 
** if i'm allowed a bonus entry it's got to be Grumpy cat surely???
So now you know a bit more about me, and also if you fancied getting me a personalised gift from notonthehighstreet I would much appreciate it!!
Lots of love,
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