Sunday, 1 January 2017

Lauren's Lyrics- December Round Up

So here we are at the final month of this year long project. Obviously when I set out on this project I had full hopes of sticking to it, I am still shocked however, that I made it! There was time's when I was so behind that I wondered if I'd ever catch up. I messed all the numbers up- realising in September that it has been wrong since May!!!
I will be posting a more in-depth reflective in the new year, with my favourite entries as well as what I felt worked and what I didn't think worked. I want to use what I have learned for 2017's project - because yes there is another project!
For now here are December's entries:


Thank you to anyone has followed this project

Lots of love


  1. WHAT IS HAPPENING FOR 2017 ?! Intentional caps, I want to know :D

    1. Also, I'm sad to see the end of this project :'(