Monday, 25 April 2016

The Red Edition

This month I had the lovely Sharon's red journal, which is so beautiful! We're at the stage in this project, where the books are taking shape and lots of wonderful pages have been added. As I filled in my pages, I have a bit nervous thinking, "Please don't ruin this journal!"

I just couldn't not have some of my signature red candy skulls in this book!

Out of all the pages I did, this one below was my absolute favourite

I found a great magazine article of red lipstick so had to cut the lips out and match them to Daniel Merriweather's 'Red'

More lips and more red!

This was my little piece of my lyric project and I know Sharon love's Stevie Nicks. I did something silly though and didn't realised the paint hadn't dried and the pages got stuck together. I only realised this when I was scanning ready to I didn't even have any red paint on hand to correct it!

After my nerves on this one I really enjoyed doing it and was really happy with my contribution to this journal. I now have Patricia's white journal in my possession which I CANNOT wait to get cracking on.

Go check out everyone else not this project:

I don't know who has my lavender baby, so can't wait to find out!

Lots of love,


  1. I love that lips page! I have some red paint too so I can cover up the ripped parts, I am forever closing things too early and not being patient enough to let them dry!!! <3